Liesl & Po [Lauren Oliver, Kei Acedera] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver comes a . Read Common Sense Media’s Liesl & Po review, age rating, and parents Parents need to know that author Lauren Oliver has published two. “Liesl and Po,” the first foray into middle-grade fiction by Lauren Oliver, author of wildly popular books for young adults, like “Delirium,” is such a.

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The story begins in a world without sunshine. Informizely customer feedback surveys. The book mentions that the sea lies to the East and the South. The famous poet Pablo Neruda who is pretty much my favorite poet, and if you haven’t seen any of his work you should really check it out really helps to explain this book as a whole. Trusting, adorable, caring and naive she is leisl breathe of fresh air.

This didn’t sour the story for me, but I was really sad that there wasn’t a little more there in the end. The ghost Po, torn between the world of the laure and the living, helps Liesl and her father when it might be easier to do otherwise. She was truly very strong, but also a bit nutty which more than one character remarks upon. The cover is gorgeous click on it to enlarge and see for yourself!

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver – review

But it really does reach out and hit you in the heart wink, wink. Why would I even bother to read the book if I already know the story? I admire that Oliver has decided to let this book stand for itself.

The book moves like a movie only in that it is so visual and even — which is fitting as the book begins with really cool, movie-like credits. Review is also on: What I loved also was these three characters discovering themselves with each day and growing.

I’m sure coffee is popular there now, but the book mentions using oil lamps and lanterns, as well as traveling by train and vehicles drawn by horses and donkeys–so it is not contemporary. Each and every one of us has their own purpose in this world. Persevering goodness triumphs over perils both personal and cosmic as Liesl and her friends liewl to lay her father’s ghost to rest and restore light and harmony to the world.


Liesl and Po is the story of a girl and a ghost. The book itself the hardcover version Is also the most beautiful book I have on my bookshelf. There was evil stepmother Augusta, complete with murder, a rotund body and an icy daughter; thickheaded Mo, soft and sweet; the Lady Premiere, who was like a stepsister; and then the alchemist, who seemed pl bit Jack Frost-esque to me.

It has been almost a year since she left the attic, let alone stepped o Coincidences; mix-ups; harmless mistakes and switches.

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver

Now a few things I didn’t like. Not that its hard to understand ourselves although it isbut her intent is so clear that it is because I know lissl what the characters want and need that my own heart broke.

The author’s note indicates she wrote it after the death of her best friend and I think that it makes the stories context that much more beautiful. Hardcoverpages. That is all ; Po does, and finds that Liesl’s father wants nothing more than to be placed beside the willow tree, thousands olivdr miles away, beside his late wife.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys magical fairytales; both young and young at heart. There’s a heavily gothic vibe to this book, which takes place partly in the world lquren disembodied spirits and partly in an unnamed but vaguely Victorian world in which the sun hasn’t shone for five years, and the darkness carries over into assorted grotesque villains and their surroundings, especially the alchemist’s laboratory and its lovingly described inventory of body parts.

For a story about an orphaned Victorian girl and her friends restoring life to a barren corner of the world, try Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Gardenwhich has been loved for generations for good reason. I alternately love and hate books that do this to me, and most of the time if a book evokes this kind andd reaction then I can’t help but give it the full five stars. This is a lovely book recommended to me by Wendy Darling – go read her review pp a much oliveer in depth look into this book.


Miriam Robarts I believe ilesl is a fictitious location. Just how much does overall writing style matter to me as a reader? I loved the way the characters were defined in the images.

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver | Home

It’s a story about being orphaned and magic accidentally taking over the world and attempted murder and all sorts of other exciting terribleness. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options Personalize Common Sense for your family.

Well, of course our boys were too busy destroying intergalactic aliens on the Wii, DS, computer, etc. I also loved the supernatural elements in this book as there are ghosts and magic galore and it really brings a creative streak to the story especially for me since I love reading about supernatural elements! It leaves the reader with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and even my liesk heart knows that sometimes all of us need a bit of that feeling, a bit of something that is uplifting and beautiful, and realism or bittersweetness be damned.

As the story unfolds, we are also introduced to a young piesl boy named Will who is an apprentice to a well-known alchemist and how he was sent on retrieving an important box that contained great magic made by the alchemist. In a way she brings a little part of him alive a little more everyday through keeping him in touch with reality.

For Your Family Log in Sign me up. You may pet the pet owl on your way out: Everything I love is already in this book!