SON OF THE SHADOWS. Juliet Marillier, Author SON OF THE SHADOWS Juliet Mari $ (p) ISBN After years of comparative peace, darkness has fallen upon Ulster. Trouble is brewing and even those in the heart of the forest are not safe. The forests of Sevenwaters have cast their spell over Sorcha’s daughter Liadan, who, like her mother, has inherited the talent to heal and to see into the sp.

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I really hope the OMG! She is exactly the combination the Fair Folk have been hoping for, only her choices prove her characteristics have manifested in ways most unpleasing to what those who shepherd prophecy would prefer. Sorcha points out to Liadan that Liadan seems to be outside of the roles and rules of the Fair Folk’s endeavours, which may allow her to make her own choices.

Son of the Shadows – Wikipedia

The propelling events of the story happen almost immediately and carry Liadan into her destiny which was a little unexpected. A talented healer, she spends her days making salves and medicines and taking care of juloet people of the keep. It also happens that this is not only one of my very favorite books of all time but one of my favorite winter reads, as the night of Midwinter’s Eve plays rathe Since I reviewed Daughter of the Forest a few weeks back, it seemed only right to close the year out with the sequel.

A passion jhliet early British history, reflecting her Celtic ancestry, is evident in her choice of settings.

Nor was Bran,despite everyone’s efforts to convince her otherwise. Marilkier not to say Reviewed by: And because she was unforeseen, her mother feels certain Liadan’s path will be her own, that she is outside the pattern, and that her choices may have the power to change things for good or for ill. But Niamh isn’t the villain.


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The family who rules in Sevenwaters is descendant juljet a human and one of the Old Ones, thus it has a deep connection with the mystical lure in the land and all that grows there. Julket also has an older sister, Niamh, who is not perfect, but not much different than any young woman in her teens battered by hormones, and the family, including Liadan, treat her and judge her very harshly, eon rid of her in a cold hearted way and washing their hands off of her, while for same types of indescretions and willfulness Liadan gets reproachful looks and reassurances that she could never disappoint them and they will love her no matter what Whether that is because the Fae have set new plans in motion, or an ancient evil has a plan for revenge, or something even older than the Fae has plans of its own is unclear.

Something that touches you with joy or with terror, that lifts you out of your safe, little path and onto a great, wild road whose ending nobody knows? Sons of the Shadows [Dec 3, ] 89 45 Dec 28, The area of Sevenwaters seems to be quiet, even idyllic, under the surface, however, there is the same situation as the wider area, plagued by constant disputes, dominated by powerful warlords with the position of women being difficult as they become pawns in the various alliances that are created, without having any part In the second part of the series we put aside the fairy tale so that we can plunge into the harsh reality of the historical period and of the area where our history is placed.

Zhadows character is forced kuliet deal with the pain of their past and the shortcomings of their present. This is the first book of the Sevenwaters Trilogya historical fantasy set in Ireland and Britain in the ninth century, and is loosely based on the traditional fairy tale, The Six Swans.


The night was very quiet; the darkness a living thing, creeping in around the two of us. In Son of Shadow this happens in the middle. She became one of my favorite characters and I would have liked to see more of her shadws — she had a real progression. Mine until death and beyond.

Son of the Shadows : Juliet Marillier :

The simple elegance of the prose was the perfect voice for Liadan, the main character. Liadan is for Bran the balance that no other person could provide.

So Son of the Shadows is beautifully written, and painful as it was I could hardly put it down. Druidic Erin Ireland is a place teeming with fairies and earth magic.

Liadan has grown up surrounded by the love of her family and the peace and safety of the forest of Sevenwaters. Liadan could alter it, her loved one also, to some extent, but others were not so lucky and so the shaeows viable option for them was to meekly follow the predestined course.

Now, to look forward to all of the scenes where they finally get to know one another and fall in love for reals. Archived from the original PDF on 27 June They do an awesome job.

The first book was based on one of the Grimm brothers’ tales, but the second book caries on with the Sevenwaters family.

Nov 21, Malum rated it it was ok Aon Juliet Marillier’s second series is based on the first Viking voyage from Norway to Orkney, and weaves history and folklore into a saga of adventure, romance and magic.