Habraken wrote a book called ‘Supports’ which proposed a method of mass housing where the ‘support’ or base building is separated from. Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing [N. J. Habraken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The architecture / housing / urbanism book that launched the Supports / Open Building movement John F.C. Turner ยท out of. Entrevista a John Habraken Almost fifty years after the publication of your book Supports, and with the mass housing dominating us, your theories are still.

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It seemed to me that any illustrations would defeat the purpose, which was to change the attitude of professionals and make them think for themselves about this alternative solution. Habraken studied architecture at Delft Technical University, the Netherlands from supoorts In what follows I will mention five projects that each added important new insights to our understanding of the potential of the OB approach.

An Alternative to Mass Housing”first published inis the manifesto and starting point of this movement. To implement this approach a first competition was called for the primary structure without any specific functional interior subdivision.

N. John Habraken – Wikipedia

The residential area Bomenbuurt was planned by Berlage in An Alternative to Mass Housing London: How could two alternative designs be compared if no floor plans could be compared? The WOBO habtaken a stackable beer bottle that can be used to build a bottle wall. The houses are designed by various architects and residents.

Where the commercial developer needs to make a short term profit, long term ownership of a support building has its own economic advantages. Views Read Edit View history.


This was an initiative of Osaka Gas Commpany who asked prof. Habraken explains the potential of the Open Building approach in architectural practice.

N. John Habraken

I do not know if I was more impressed with his generosity talking to everyone who came to him or with his wisdom expressing ideas and criticisms on contemporary architecture. In the middle of a real estate slump the five thousand square meters of the building were all rented out within a day, accepting the entire range of possible uses: Habrkaen it could speed up the design and building process and could better meet changing functional demands during the years of preparation and building.

An Alternative to Mass Housing in His theoretical research has earned him international fame. An Alternative to Mass Housingwhich was first published in In the map Almerethe participatory project is on the left side, with a circular plan. Indeterminacy in Spatial Design, Planning and Management.

How could a client know that the support design, proposed by the architect, was indeed the best possible design? It is intended to restore, what is called the ‘natural relation’ between environmental form and inhabitant as it was found for millenia before our times. In Habraken’s method, the large-scale physical infrastructure is designed and built by the technicians-architects, engineers and construction companies-working with the State, whilst the infill is provided by a small-scale, individualised approach.

Once this floor plan was decided upon all participants in the process – consultants, contractors and sub – contractors as well as inspectors, could proceed in their own domain. John Habraken, a Dutch citizen, was born in Bandung, Indonesia in Let me first talk about projects that have been done. He was the first to implement this strategy for the more complex demands of occupants in public facilities like hospitals and university buildings.


Read all about it in the flyer.

Spatial Agency: John Habraken

This decision continued the traditional relation between urban designer and architect in a entirely new physical organization. The Solids projects initiated by Frank Bijdendijk in Amsterdam demonstrate in particular the investment policy compatible with long life sustainable housing as well as the architectural challenge and opportunities created by such a strategy.

There is no doubt that responding to the individual demands of many households in an apartment building is a much more complex task compared to the office building.

This special edition about Karel Martens and the Architecture of the Journal will be presented on several occassions. The Dutch edition sold about forty copies per year and it took ten years before an English translation appeared.

The so-called Molenvliet project in the Dutch town of Papendrecht jabraken some one hundred dwelling units for rent. This text apparently triggered people’s hopes as well as fears. Yositika Utida to explore the housing of the hqbraken with a team of collaborators who all had previous experience in Open Building in Japan.

While commercial developers increasingly leave occupancy of office space to the renters of such spaces, they remain wary of this approach in residential jlhn projects. Giorgio Macchi re-organized his office to apply the two level distinctions to all projects.

An Alternative Explanation’, Architects Journal, An interview with John Habraken.