If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 dimensions (every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index) than there are. step-by-step process to create Re-Partitioning of Info Cube in SAP-BI. (1). students. Created by KUNCHAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Last updated 4/. Sap BW Info cube partitioning. 1. Info cube partitioning InfoCube Partitioning So what is partitioning and why do it? You use partitioning to.

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When you activate the InfoProvider, the system creates the table on the database with one of the number of partitions corresponding to the value range.

SAP BI – InfoCube Partitioning | SAP Blogs

Partitioning on an Infocube’s E-facttable Numerous questions on this note made it necessary to talk a bit about E tables here as well since E facttables may also be partitioned. This separation improves system performance when you analyze data delete data from the InfoProvider. A maximum number of 20 – 30 partitions per F table are recommended that figure comes from a “one load a partitionin and 30 days a month” scenario. November 29, at 9: On the F table, every partition must be accessed infocybe every query because there is no effective restriction on the P-dimension partitioning key on the F facttable, and due to load performance the indexes on the F table are all local indexes.

Partitioning in BW

Thnx a lot Parimi. This screen shows the complete data flow of the SPO: You must partitionjng Logged on to comment or reply to a post. If data has already been loaded to the InfoProvider, you have to perform repartitioning. Ssp least one of the two InfoObjects must be contained in the InfoProvider.

Records 2 and 3 are not consistent: November 29, at 6: A t tachments 0 Page History. For more information, see Repartitioning. The partitioning in the infocube also is done exactly in the same way as the DSO. Summary In BW 3. See here which we have same cocnepts. Thanks for your efforts. Assign the Constant value For Example: Instead of having one read process that searches the complete fact table for the required information, several read processes can be executed in parallel in the individual partitions.


When you click on the create DTP, you get the following screen, this can be used to create a new template for the DTP or use and existing one. No search term specified.

Open link in a new tab. Furthermore it is likely that if one “partition-disaster” infected cube will be found, there will be others as well.

If you choose a time period that is too small, the partitions are too large. The performance gain is only gained for the partitioned InfoCube if the time dimension of the InfoCube is consistent.

SAP BI 7.0 – InfoCube Partitioning

Clicking on OK leads to the following screen: Where necessary, limit the maximum number of partitions, the SAP recommended optimal maximum number of partitions isso consider this when planning the range spilt.

DSO with data cannot be partitioned. SPO based on cube: The following screen shows two partitions created based on the company code and the 0calmonth. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Repartitioning can be useful if you have already loaded data to your InfoCube and you have loaded more data into your InfoCube than you had planned when you partitioned it, you did not choose a long enough period of time for partitioning or some partitions contain no data or little data due to data archiving over a period of time.

And they also should definitely have tried to recover a cube from their last backup. For such cases, the partitioning of an InfoCube tables is a very effective option to improve performance.


Choose 30 as the maximum number of partitions. This new object is based on the premise that this object can be partitioned using characteristics other than the time characteristics.

June 23, at 8: The partitions on the database actually remain transparent to the user.

Partitioning (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

You can also determine how many partitions are created as a maximum on the database for the fact table of the InfoCube. No search term specified. Once the value range is updated, an partiitioning parameter called maximum no of partitions can be included. Additionally there is lots of DB cost for returning the allocated disk space. I was not aware of this semantically partitioned concept.

SAP Note includes more comprehensive information on this. BW, by its virtue has to handle a huge amount of data. In situations with a high load frequency it will most certainly run into problems in this area sooner or later.

The typical measure taken prtitioning such situations, is pattitioning build aggregates on these cubes instead of compression. June 23, 5 minute read. Let us suppose that the time characteristic used is 0Calmonth and the range of month given is WelcomeGuest Login Register. You can set the value range yourself. With portioning, the structure of a InfoCube table in database systems will basically be defined to use a partitioning field to physically divide it into several database areas tables, blocks, etc.