Hugh Harleston Jr. is the author of El zodiaco maya. Su horóscopo y características psíquicas ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Th. Mayans unified space and time in whole numbers. They synthesized planetary movements with dimensions at Teotihuacan, a pyramidal complex northeast of. Buy A mathematical analysis of Teotihuacan on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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Eduardo Coronel marked it as to-read Dec 18, That would be equivalent to Sumerian yards of 33″, or Sumerian “double yards” of 66″ making 10, shusi.

The use of two possible Hebrew words found from Gematria number correlation is logical so long as the words expound each other and not merely make up different meanings.

See Table for sequences. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For details please see: But, Mayans are now believed to have begun in at least 8, B. He formed the Uac-Kan Research Group inwhich accomplished over archeological field excursions from Ayurveda Cinema Hinduism Places Sikhism.

El zodiaco maya. Su horóscopo y características psíquicas

A sphere of diameter six fits inside a cube with a side of sixas well as in a regular tetrahedron twelve units high. Be the first to ask a question about El zodiaco maya.

Jim Allen, 16 June email webatlantis hotmail. Eroded figures were deduced by Calderon.

For instance, The Ein Sof tree begins with three roots. Aur is also the birthplace of Abraham. After 1, days the tables repeat.

Hebrew Kabbalah in Ancient Mexico’s Teotihuacan Design by Anonymousfor Prajapati

The base measurement of the Sun Pyramid is quoted Mesoamerican Archaeology as metres. Avenue of the Dead width is feet which is cubits or 96 Egyptian royal cubits or 48 hunabs where the hunab was 2 x Egyptian Royal Cubits. In his efforts to measure these sections and the three temple pyramids, Hugh Harleston found the Mesoamerican measuring unit, he coined the Hunab.


Alan added it Jan 19, Computer scanner study Harleston confirmed missing Kutz Scorpio and Keh Virgowith a part of Pek Aries as the correct entering figure. Consider the numbers 48 xmeasured immediately beside north those listed above. Interestingly, minus 72 equalsthe Length of the complex of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl which runs along the length of the 72 Hunab wide river of the Avenue of the Dead.

A single number can define multiple dimensions. That is, where the Temple of Quetzalcoatl is associated with his divine sacrifice, the Qabalah virtue of Loving Kindness Chesed can be measures.

Though this is a stretch in the research, an investigation into the use of Gematria or word-number associations from Hebrew Kabbalah has been made. In the units of Drewitt and Drucker which was 4 x links or 48 shusi, it would be 1, of these units, confirming again that Drewitt and Drucker had made a correct assessment, but using different multiples of shusi. Similarly, Chesed as hufh second principal or Sefirot of the Ein Sof World-Tree is represented by 72, which corresponds with due to the location of the nugh and the meaning of the word associations.

Weston Weber marked it as to-read May 08, For that reason, it is not unusual to find both ‘Sumerian’ cubits and ‘Egyptian’ cubits present at the same locations.

Accuracy in years is The object of this page is to look at the stone momuments of Harlestln to see if they were constructed in known units such as the “Sumerian” or “Egyptian” cubits. In the research on December 21, 2it was considered that Quetzalcoatl may have been a foreigner from across the eastern sea and harlestln he may have traveled with ancient Mediterranean sea traders. The harlwston has been built up in different phases, each phase enclosing an earlier phase and phase 2 hjgh to A.


In Guatemala 16, B. Mayans unified space and time in whole numbers. The satellite measures the intended distance distance between the pyramid of the Sun and the pyramid in the Temple of Quetzalcoatl also called the “Citadel” as 3, feet which would be Sumerian feet. To clarify, the four measurements above72, 24 and can be found on the above diagram in the southern section of the Avenue of the dead, where the river used to run.

As a result of this research pointing to Hebrew Messianic imagery 1 a study of the measurements of the unearthed city of Teotihuacan of ancient Mexico was made using Hebrew and Greek Gematria with original Mayan Hunab measurements. They synthesized planetary movements haeleston dimensions at Teotihuacan, a pyramidal complex northeast of Mexico City.

The steps were designed with specific dimensions with each of the ten sections having their own unique length and width measurements. Vertical levels at Hugj confirm that Mayans knew elevations above mean sea level.