Freedom at Midnight [Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. On 14 August one-fifth of humanity. Freedom at Midnight [Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. [Read by Frederick Davidson] This is the story of. : Freedom at Midnight (): Dominique Lapierre, Larry Collins: Books.

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One possible reason for this lack of crucial details: Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. I knew nothing about India, except for the movie Gandhi and some misty misconceptions from my misspent youth. For example, how the line of partition was actually drawn and by whom. Preview — Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins. He became the Paris bureau chief inwhere he would work untiluntil cominique switched to writing books.

Freedom at Midnight

The book essentially is an argument against partition. Let’s just say he exists. And the best part is I absolutely loved it. The mantle of Indian night, the smoke from those numberless cow-dung fires drifting lzpierre the evening sky, permeating it with the distinctive pungent smell that was the body odor of Mother India.

From each side of their speeding car, the broad fields of sugar cane, wheat, paddy, flat as a man’s hand, ran down to a horizon so distant that it might seem the edge of the world. Most had forsaken homes, businesses and belongings to save themselves from vengeful mobs. It’s a well written, easy reading book so I can see why it’s so popular, and if it was labelled fictional, I’d give it four stars, for fictional it is, speaking of a world where the Dminique Raj and it’s leaders domminique civilization to the masses, but the masses turned the wise Brits away even though they were led by that holiest of holy cows, Lord Mountbatten – and this turning away caused mass bloodshed in the process.

It is a work of scholarship, of investigation, research and of significance. Books by Larry Collins. As badly as things turned out, it’s hard to imagine anyone filling the role nearly as well as Mountbatten did. He inspired a calming presence during rioting. Anyone interested in British Colonialism or India. The best bits were when the authors told a little interesting side-story about a specific person famous or not. Glad that I’ve read it now, even if, 15 years too late.


Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, this book is still the best-selling account of Indian independence.

The book boasts of an exhaustive research done in the library of Mountbatten, over dinners and back in India, which gives an impression that the book is true to the e The composition of this book is such that you won’t find it difficult to frewdom through the pages, and the authors have weaved it with simple, yet strong literature. The author do possess storytelling skills,but as an objective and neutral historical text,this book leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s been a while since I read this but I do remember feeling how biased the authors were towards Mr.

Having been there most of the time in question, I can vouch for the accuracy freeedom its general mood. Edwina Mountbatten was as hard-working and courageous as her husband, and she was more of a people person. Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins.

But they have captured the times and the events thereof perfectly, in my opinion. Because of these limitations this book is a place to start, not the place to stop in any serious study of South Asia, but reviewers who have suggested that the authors are apologists for the British are dead wrong. How much it might have taken for them to write this book.

Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins

He was certainly one of the giants of the 20th century. If you like history but not the druggery of reading blah blah boring writers, THESE are the historians for you. This book was one of the inspirations for the film Viceroy’s House film.

Perhaps this is also the reason why they scarcely mention B. The book describes in vibrant colour and in fiction-like tone few days before from the day the Lord Mountbatten took the office to the funeral day of the father of the Nation.

The writing is superb. Written intreedom does bemoan the end of the Empire and all of the benefits England bought to the sub-continent but does pay homage to Gandhi.

This is a great one-volume history of the final months of the Raj and the independence of India and Pakistan. I can say with utmost certainty that no text book contains this information and nor will it. Ten million people were displaced in the border crossings that followed the creation of India and Pakistan.


Towards the long side, but worth the time. If one is looking for a gripping narrative, however, this book is certainly it.

Just few days after, India officially got independence, the two spearheads of then Indian politics, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, visited the outgoing Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, and requested him to take back his previous charge. Dominiqhe 04, Addy rated it it was amazing Shelves: A superb introduction to events which lead to the modern nation of India, but one should read other histories for some lapoerre accounts.

It seems a terrible waste of life, the country is better of united as one.

The borders were penciled in by another English man who had not seen India and agonized about his creation. Many migrants fell victim to bandits and religious extremists of both dominant religions. The significance lies in invoking the re-awakening of the Indian spirit.

And it explains many cultural nuances with which I was not familiar. If you only read this book you won’t know, for the authors were obviously very aware that Mountbatten descendents themselves would be reading this book, and they didn’t want to make them uncomfortable with annoying little questions.

Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight

On the theme of partition, the book relates that the crucial maps setting the boundary separating India and Pakistan were drawn that year by Cyril Radcliffewho had not visited India before being appointed as the chairman of the Boundary Commission.

He also makes references to the ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ which has been proven incorrect more than once. In the first six weeks of independence, half as many people died violent deaths in India and Pakistan as the number of all the Americans who died in all of World War II.

And oh, look, Mountbatten has a Rolls Royce! When reading about these little things, one begins to understand more about the partition than what is generally understood.