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This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobiliztion. 21st Century U.S. Army Pre-Positioned Land (FM ) [Department of Defense] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the latest . FM (FM ), Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) (How to Fight). 15 Aug. FM (FM ). Military FM (FM ).

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As described, there are four categories of APS, and there are two types of storage locations, sea and land. Crisis action planning, which begins with receipt 10-17-2 an alert order, can convert contingency plans into operations orders OPORDs as mission requirements become known. APL materiel may require relocation via various modes of transportation, such as sealift, rail, or barge, in order to reach the employment location.

No single solution will succeed when confronting an adaptive adversary. Items that are an integral part of a system that has another line item number excluded.

Under the APL concept, all personnel and a minimum amount of unit equipment deploy from home station via strategic airlift. Administrative issue procedures may be used for stability operations or support operations. Highways, railroads, tunnels, and bridges that are intact and of sufficient capacity. Chapter 3 discusses ABS in more detail.

All band and musical equipment. There are two methods for drawing APL equipment: Land-based sets can be used to support a theater lodgment to allow the off-load of Army pre-positioned afloat equipment, and can be shipped to support any other theater worldwide. Deployment is the relocation of forces and materiel to desired AOs. Power projection assets are tailored to regional requirements and send a clear signal of US commitment.


By the time the main body arrives in the AO, most tasks necessary to execute an APL draw are complete. Compatible tracks if more than one country is transited. The strategic mobility triad consists of pre-positioning, airlift, and sealift.

Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications. Length of the operation dictates the duration of this stage. Deployments involve three distinct, but interrelated segments: In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje.

However, strategic airlift and sealift often face multiple demands and cannot fj deliver large amounts of heavy equipment to meet short-notice crises. Exercises command and control C2 over APL draws under peacetime conditions.

Augment site security elements. Under certain circumstances, partial draws of equipment can occur.

This is the 100-172 time-sensitive draw method for US Army forces. It is a significant element of a larger deployment involving multi-modal operations. Accordingly, APS is pre-positioned at several sites to quickly project power to potential contingency areas. A comprehensive list of organizations and responsibilities is at Appendix A. While major end items are inventoried at the AWRSPTCMD storage facility, secondary tasks such as conducting percent inventories of equipment components, filling materiel shortages, mf repairing and servicing equipment are usually postponed until unit arrival at the staging base.

Materiel is positioned ashore and afloat for the purpose of meeting the Army’s Global Pre-positioning Strategy requirements of more than one contingency in more than one theater of operations.


Field Manual FM 3-35.1 Army Prepositioned Operations July 2008 (FM 100-17-1 and 100-17-2)

First, expeditiously unite airlifted unit personnel with pre-positioned materiel at APL sites. Reviews Schrijf een review. The unit sets consist of pre-positioned organizational equipment–end items, supplies, and secondary items–stored in unit configurations to reduce force deployment response time.

Once made, the decision is difficult to change and affects the rest of the deployment. Building a joint and expeditionary Army will require versatile forces that can execute smaller, shorter duration operations without degrading its traditional role in a major combat operation.

The ability to assemble and move to, through, and between a variety of environments, often while reconfiguring to meet specific mission requirements, is essential to offsetting an adversary’s advantage in mass or geographic proximity. It describes the missions, duties, and responsibilities of all parties involved in moving APS to an operational area and handing 100-17-2 off to designated Army units.

FM Table of Contents

Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. The chapters establish the doctrinal framework for Army pre-positioned land operations.

Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. This option requires arrival and departure seaports.

The synchronized transfer of authority over units and forces to a designated component or functional commander for employment in the theater of operations.