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Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. There too, Visnu whose abode is waters Narayana is described as sleeping on the vast expanse of Cosmic Waters and he wished to lift up the submerged earth and assumed the form ofYajna-Varaha. When the Pratyahara’ withdrawal of the Universe is imminent, Bhiitas elements, both gross and subtle are anni- hilated, evolutes of Prakrti beginning with Mahat ahd ending with Visesas are destroyed.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam | Telugu eBook | hi Chakravarthi Ph.D. | Pustaka

One wonders why the Mbh. For the sake of propagating it in the worlds, he taught this Purana which is highly esteemed like the Vedas and which contains many topics, to Jaimini, Sumantu, Vaisam- payana, Pailava who was brahmanad fourth among, them and Lomahar- sana the fifth.

That self-contro- lled sage passed on the kuowledge of that extremely wonder- ful Purana the telygu of which was the knowledge of the real state of the world. As I have discussed these topics in details in my annotations giving cross references to various works on Dharma Sastra I do not repeat them here.


Sri Brahmanda Puranam

Thanks to you the performer of meritorious holy rites. Dharma SUtra preceded by the author’s name such as Gautama.

The legend deserves special attention as our Purana has devoted 37 chapters chs. Brahma Vaivarta Purdna, GM, Puranq of them return to Jamadagni’s hermitage Rama’s home Ch. It is the source of the world. He was approached and questioned by a sage like you? These published text has a cumulative total of chapters. The particular description ofthe cities etc. The Social structure based on fixed prescribed duties Varndsrama-dharma came to be established.

This is Theistic Sahkhya probably posterior to Isvarakrsna circa A. This is the Twenty-second volume in the series which we have planned on Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology. So also the description ofthe Varsas sub-continents and rivers and their different types.

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This is the Upanisadic thought-current and need not be traced to Jainism or Buddhism. The performers of the Satra met Romaharsana i. Our Purana describes the Vedic meta- physics of creation in a Puranic manner in Chs.

Krsna, the future 8th incarnation of Visnu, manifests himself to Parasurama the 6th incarnation of Visnu, and orders puranna to annihilate Ksattriyas 21 times and in the 24th Treta Yuga, Krsna will incarnate as Rama the 7th incarnation of Visnu in Raghu family with his 4 Vyuhas and deprive Parasurama of his divine power. The present Manu is Vaivasvata. Not that the contradictions mentioned above are limited to Bd. Introduction li Indra, Visnu and other gods attacked them.

The Lokapalas guardians of the quarters who stay on it in the four quarters are described. The auspicious births ofDaksa’s daughters from Prasflti. Citrd, Vrtti and Dakfind.


Incar- Period Name of the nation incarnation No. And injra ‘Historical Tradition in Bd. The covering ofthe waters by the Tejas the fiery element. There was social equality. The superstition of food- pollution by the sight of non-Vedic ascetics Sankhyas, Saivas like Karusas etc. Knowledge About the World 8.

You are fully epuipped with the good qualities of a genuine disciple. In Jan Gonda ed. When king ‘Uparicara’ Heaven-moving Vasu disagreed with this principle of non- injury, he fell down and sank to Patala 1. The Puranas in S. Secondly the present text is a rehp.

Ixxii Brahmanda Purana meant for Rclka’s mother-in-law, the brxhmanda of Kanouj’, is obvi- ously intended as an apologetic explanation of the martial character of Parasurama, though a Brahmin. Sapta-vamsajdh instead of Gupta-vamsajdh in the corresponding verses in Va. The Pradhana and Purusa remained with their characteristics Tamas and Sattva respectively.

But later accretions added two more to the divine incarnations and one more that of Pramati to the human incarnations.

And gave the kingdom of three worlds to Indra. Position All Puranas, however, agree about the. Thus the four sections are briefly mentioned by me. Chronology of Hindu texts.