Anexo III – Descrição do Índice de Apgar. .. Fazer Boletim de Ocorrência (BO), informando número(s) extraviado(s). ♢ Encaminhar fotocópia do BO para a. 30 Boletim Científico de Pediatria – Vol. 1, N° 1, Classificação. Classifica- se a sepse Colonização por Streptococcus agalactiae. Apgar 5 min < 7. with 1 and 5-minute Apgar scores, respiratory distress syndrome, ao boletim Apgar de 1 e 5 minutos e à associação com desconforto respiratório.

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Birthweight and FMAS were also transformed in categorical variables to calculate the odds ratios.

How to cite this article. Whittemore R, Knafl K. Dennis CL, Faux S. In existing literature, there are few references to studies on the subject in the context of fuzzy logic. The immediate and long-term outcome of obstetric birth boetim There were two pre-term and 23 full-term infants. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Who is so smart I’m in awe of the way his brain works.

Estimating outcomes in newborn infants using fuzzy logic

Estimators based on subjective evaluations may vary depending on the conditions of the experts, for instance, if they are under stress, fatigue, and complications in the neonatal unit. References in periodicals archive?

Two other studies using the fuzzy logic were conducted in Brazil; one of them 2 used two input variables to estimate the risk and the other used data agpar certificates of live birth 9 to estimate the risk of neonatal death, without considering whether it occurred or not at the NICU. Who gave us an apgarscore of one and was our first nicubaby.


Estimating outcomes in newborn infants using fuzzy logic

Accepted 30 September The objective of this study was to verify if these risk factors have prognostic relevance or not. The validity of the model should be questioned in public intensive care units and in services in other locations. Testing validity and reliability of an boltim which measures maternal evaluation of breastfeeding.

Reliability and validity of the Romanian version of apgae scale to measure infant feeding attitudes and knowledge. Shrago L, Bocar D. Eksioglu AB, Ceber E. They did bo,etim find a higher rate of incomplete recovery for macrosomic infants relative risk: J Nurs Educ Pract.

Electrodiagnostic approach to the patients with suspected brachial plexopathy. We know lots of the risks but the cause s remain unknown. ACC cSection hari itu juga jam The International Neonatal Network.


I got my tubes tied after Finley Ann was born. The outcome assessment was based on questionnaires sent to consultant pediatricians, from which questionnaires returned.

This is a theoretical model implemented in computer environment, using a fuzzy linguistic model to assess the risk of neonatal death in the NICU. The major limitation of the existing scores is the fact that their application is very difficult or very complex, causing excessive time demand.


APGAR – What does APGAR stand for? The Free Dictionary

During the study period, patients met the inclusion criteria, with no incomplete information on the medical records. We did a case-control study to verify if the birthweight, forceps delivery or perinatal asphyxia have any significant effect on the prognosis of obstetrical brachial plexopathy.

There was also no boeltim significant difference between the groups. An approach to obstetrical brachial plexus injuries. Nanishi K, Jimba M. Metode ini digunakan untuk menilai kondisi kesehatan bayi pada usia 1 menit dan 5 menit setelah kelahirannya. Does the LATCH Score assessed in the first 24 hours after delivery predict non-exclusive breastfeeding at hospital discharge?

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Bolrtim. This baby was a true labor of love and by the time she arrived, I was exhausted, as was everyone else who assisted in my labor and delivery.

Apgarr sixth of the patients with OBP have a complete brachial plexus lesion from C5 to T1 and show a total limb paralysis flail armwith or without Horner syndrome