Most sailors probably would also agree that the book Moitessier wrote about his experience, The Long Way (La longue route in the original. Bernard Moitessier (April 10, – June 16, ) was a sailor, most notable for his . Moitessier’s book of the experience, The Long Way, tells the story of his voyage as a spiritual journey as much as a sailing adventure and is still regarded . The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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When he passed the dangerous area they leave. Just as Donald Crowhurst did on his fateful voyage it ghe as if the long stretch of loneliness does something to Bernard over the time. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

At that time, no one bernarrd sailed around the world alone without stopping. This book is pure nectar, poetry, adventure, love of life in script. Just looking at the chart, I can feel all the gentleness of the trade wind in the cabin.

There were a few choice quotes and moments of rumination. A little sailing knowledge helps understand Moistessier’s activities, especially in the beginning, where the book is more technically-focused. The Turning Point Chapter There was also sometimes a little thought in the back of my mind that with this trip, he essentially leaves his wife and kids, for good.

This is the story of a solitary voyage, racing around the planet in a small boat. Some of the others who started have their own stories of course, and one, Daniel Crowhurst, became mentally ill and committed suicide. There is also a page appendix that can stand alone as a small reference volume of details such as route planning, sail repair, the problems of sail and line chafe, rigging and hull construction, self-steering, freak waves and weather, plus much more.


This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Most of the book is a diary of that voyage with philosophical side trips into modern civilization.

Would recommend to anyone. Then, nearing the finish, Moitessier pulled out of the race and sailed on for another three months before ending his 37,mile journey in Tahiti.

Jun 10, Premal Vora rated it liked it. He chooses to write from the first-person perspective and tries to tell the story from a log-like writing style. If you haven’t yet read the book A Voyage For Madmen about the Sunday Time Golden Globe circumnavigational race, you should read that first and then read this, an account by one of the participants.

The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier

Feb 16, Morgan McBride rated it it was amazing. He did not have modern navigational instruments, and was aware of his latitude via sextant observation but was estimating longitude and, as he tells it in “Sailing to the Reefs”, neglected a three-knot ocean current, leading to the grounding. Bernard Moitessier died in omitessier summer of I am a passionate sailor myself. Sure, I can understand his feelings. The Days and the Nights Chapter 9: Arguably more interesting than Knox-Johnston, however, is Bernard Moitessier.

Bernard Moitessier passed away in Upcoming — Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: He ultimately sailed another two thirds of the way around the globe, passing Africa and Australia a second time.

The other competitors are bfrnard absent.

Moitessier, leading at the time, elected to turn his boat around and just keep going. He feels as if these fish or birds are guiding him, showing him safe bernsrd through a sea of wah, warning him of bad weather ahead and communicating in several occasions.


Although he abandoned the race, Moitessier still circumnavigated the moitessjer, crossing around the Cape of Good HopeSouth Africaand then sailing almost two-thirds of the way around a second time, all non-stop and mostly in the roaring fortiessetting another record for the longest nonstop passage by a yacht, with a total of 37, nautical miles in 10 months.

We know right from the introductory chapter that he has a loving wife and children waiting for him back in Plymouth.

The Long Way

Two porpoises mmoitessier to stay with his boat — each of them on either side of JOSHUA — for days after the whole swarm left just as if the two fish have been ordered to insure his safe passage through an area of reefs. I really like his descriptive and contemplative style, never smattered nor smart-aleck. Please improve this brnard adding secondary or tertiary sources. One of the greatest ocean voyagers, he became a legend in his time.

I admire the strength of the author and the other solo sailors. What is present is the sea, the boat, Moitessier, and his thou Funny that I had not read this book previously.