Bannur. Bannur Lamb compares with other sheep breeds in economic terms and also places to source infrastructure Bannur sheeps are also called as Bakrid. Mutton is a favourite in most meat-eating Indian households. From biryanis and curries to chops and roasts, mutton is the favoured red meat – when cooked right . BENGALURU: Goat traders are doing brisk business in the city ahead of Bakrid with the Bannur and Sira breeds of sheep being more in.

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Facts and Figures Goats are very social animals that make great pets and companions for other livestock. This sheep breed has compact body with typical reversed U shape conformation from the rear view.

Both sexes are polled. Goats prefer to eat leaves from trees and small shrubs, whereas sheep prefer grass. This breed is mainly distributed in the Bannur district and regions bordering the Mysore district of Karnataka state.

This breed is purely reared for meat purpose and the quality of the meat is excellent. Sheeps are grazers, goats are browsers. There are many sheep markets in most years once in a week.

Information received from the officers of the State Animal Husbandry Department indicates a large movement of Mandya sheep out of the Mandya district because of an increase in irrigated cultivated area, leaving little land with natural vegetation for sheep grazing.

Bannur, Sira sheep breeds in high demand in Bengaluru- The New Indian Express

For More Sheep and Goat farming Information: Coat is extremely coarse and hairy. You can get from sheep breeding centered in your area.


Adaptable to all types of climates from hot tropical to cold climates Fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio High twinning percentage Produces very good crossbreds with local goats. Website by ri2 design studio. Body Weight in Bannur Sheep Breed: Even though, the breed characteristics and weight gain are not superior when compared to other breeds, due to its taste and quality of meat, it has huge demand in the market.

One mature sheep produces 7 to 10 pounds of newly shorn wool a year – enough to make a man’s suit. Breeding in Bannur Sheep Breed: Goats have even been used to nurse horses. Goats are good mothers, and will adopt orphaned animals, even if they are a different kind of shdep.

Rambouillet Bannur Bellary Hassan Deccani Bannur Bannur Lamb compares with other sheep breeds in economic terms and also places to source infrastructure Bannur sheeps are also called as Bakrid sheeps shedp they are on high demand during this festival. There is need for conservation of this breed, which is perhaps the best meat breed of the country as far as conformation is wheep, although body weights, weight gains, feed conversion efficiency and carcass yield are not very superior to most other breeds.

The total sheep population in the Mandya distribution area, according to the census, was 0. Ears are long, leafy and drooping; ear length.

Male Bannur Sheep

This sheep breed coat is usually coarse and hairy and this animal flock size is relatively small. Tail is short and thin. Info Breed Characteristics Advantages Relatively small animals. Introduction of Shwep Sheep Breed: For Silage making process for sheep: Bannur Lamb compares with other sheep breeds in economic terms and also places to source infrastructure Bannur sheeps are also called as Bakrid sheeps as they are on high demand during this festival. Baannur body with a typical reversed U-shape conformation from the rear.


If you want to know about Indian Sheep Breeds, Read: Performance of the Bannur Sheep Breed: This breed is distributed in the entire districts of Mandya and Mysore in Karnataka.

Hi, Here is some information about Sheep Farming Business. A large percentage of breed carry wattles with slightly Roman nose. Bannyr large percentage of animals carry wattles. Further, there is a large incidence of cryptorchidism in Mandya, possibly due to selection of animals on the basis of meaty conformation. Girish C V May 5, at 2: I am planning to start sheep farmingso I request for sheep farming information.

Bannur Sheep Breed Profile Information | Agri Farming

The actual number of the breed is much smaller, since the census is not based on breed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published.

Colour is white, but in some cases face is light brown, and this colour may extend to the neck. This sheep ears are long, leafy and drooping sjeep tail is short and thin.

Reproduction in Bannur Sheep Breed: Bannur Sheep Breed Characteristics: I want sheep breeds for farm as well.