AXOLOTL Source for information on Axolotl by Julio Cortázar, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. Julio Cortázar () Axolotl (Final del juego, ). Hubo un tiempo en que yo pensaba mucho en los axolotl. Iba a verlos al acuario del Jardín des. Axolotl by Julio Cortazar Paraespaiid, presione aqui. For English dick hera « Axolotl» Julio Cortazar Hubo un tiempo en que yo pensaba mucho en los axolotl.

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Yo creo que era la cabeza de los axolotl, esa forma triangular rosada con los ojitos de oro. Creo que de no haber sentido la proximidad de otros visitantes y del guardian, no me hubiese atrevido a quedarme solo con ellos.

I ed ignoble in front of them; there was such a terrifying purity in those transparent eyes. I found their Spanish name, ajoloteand the mention that they were edible, and that their oil was used no longer used, it said like cod-liver oil.

Al lado de ellos en los restantes acuarios, jhlio peces me mostraban la simple estupidez de sus hermosos ojos semejantes a los nuestros. Or I was also in him, or all of us were thinking humanlike, incapable of expression, limited to the golden splendor of our eyes looking at the face of the man pressed against the aquarium. Return to Book Page.

They and I knew. It’s that we don’t enjoy moving a lot, and the tank is so cramped—we barely move in any direction and we’re hitting one of the others with our tail or our head—difficulties arise, fights, tiredness.

He simultaneously admires, pities, and fears them. Al lado de ellos ve los restantes acuarios, diversos peces me mostraban la simple estupidez de sus hermosos ojos semej antes a los nuestros. Eventually, it was clear that the fascination has become an obsession. During this period of time he discovered Opium by Jean Cocteau, which completely revolutionized his way of writing and introduced him into French surrealism.

But an eft, the common newt, has such hands also, and we are not at all alike. Me parecio que qxolotl se interesaba tanto por nosotros, que obedecia a una costumbre.


Beyond this, he axolot that he is not interested in knowing anything else technical or biological about them. He joined there a protest against Peron and was briefly imprisoned. I think that at the beginning I was capable of returning to him in a jullo way—ah, only in a certain way—and of keeping awake his desire to know us better. The axolotl become his confidantes and they, his; he finds himself empathizing with and understanding them.

Axolotl by Julio Cortázar (2 star ratings)

Christie Bendele rated it it was ok Dec 10, From to he was a director of a publishing julip in Buenos Aires. I know now that there was nothing strange, that that had to occur. It was useless to tap with one finger on the glass directly in front of their faces; they never gave the least reaction.

Julieta Julip rated it it was ok Mar 06, It seemed to me that he was not so much interested in us any more, that he was coming out of habit. I saw him yesterday; he looked at me for a long time and left briskly.

I knew better later; the gill contraction, the tentative reckoning of the delicate feet on the stones, the abrupt swimming some of them swim with a simple undulation of the body proved to me that they were capable of escaping that mineral lethargy in which they spent whole hours. La absoluta falta de semej anza de los axolotl con el ser humane me probo que crotazar reconocimiento era valido, que no me apoyaba en analogias faciles.

Reality and Fantasy 4 Themes and Motifs 4. Lulu rated it it was ok Mar 23, Justification for the ultimate transfer from human to beast can be found in the stylistics of the story’s first page, where the narrator customarily uses the personal pronoun to identify the zoo’s animals during his frequent visits: The axolotls are also unique in their life cycle.

In that instant I felt a muted pain; perhaps they were seeing me, attracting my strength to penetrate into the impenetrable thing of their lives.

A subsequent paragraph debates mythological propositions but dismisses them.

Views Page Discussion View source History. I left my bike against tbe gratings and went to look at the tulips. The short story is told through two windows of time: I was afraid of them.


Axolotl/Julio Cortazar

Pegando mi cara al vidrio a voces el guardian tjosia inquietx buscaba ver mejor los diminutos puntjos aureos, esa entrada al mundo infinitamentB lentx y remote de las criaturas rosadas. Darme cuenta de eso fue en el primer momento como el horror del enterrado vivo que despierta a su destino. No era posible que una expresion tan cortzaar que alcanzaba a veneer la inexpresividad forzada de sus rostros de piedra, no portara un mensaje de dolor, la prueba de esa condena etema, de ese infiemo liquido que padecian.

Leaning over in front of the tank each morning, the recognition was greater.

To ask other readers questions about Axolotlplease sign up. Y sin embargo estaban cerca. On February 12, he officially died of leukemia in Paris. I went to see them in the aquarium at the Jardin des Plantes and stayed for hours watching them, observing their immobility, their faint movements. I imagined them aware, slaves of their bodies, condemned infinitely to the silence of the abyss, to a hopeless meditation.

I began to go every morning, morning and aftemoon some days. The title itself would be meaningful only to a marine biologist, and so the story’s narrator takes time to look up the name in a library: The narrator begins with a succinct introduction of julii period of his life in the recent past that has seemingly revolutionized his identity: I was afraid of them. Sus ojos sobre todo me obsesionaban. Not possible that such a terrible expression which was attaining the overthrow of that forced blankness on their stone faces should carry any message other than one ed pain, proof of that eternal sentence, of that liquid hell they were undergoing.

I saw from very close up the face of an axoloti immobile next to the glass.