Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McKenna, Terence K. The archaic revival: speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual re- . Cited by the L.A. Weekly as “the culture’s foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience,” Terrence McKenna is an underground legend as a brilliant racon. One of the main themes running through McKenna’s work, and the title of was undergoing what he called an “archaic revival”.

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Wasson’s Literary Precursors The problem with Christianity is it’s the sin- gle most reactionary force in human history. Did his excessive drug abuse induce the brain tumor that killed him?

It reads simply, alter- ations, but it always reminds me of Terence McKenna — not merely be- cause Terence McKenna is a leading authority on the experiential mcjenna of mind-altering plants, or because his lectures and workshops have altered twrence own thinking, but because Terence, rachaic more than anyone else in our culture, has the ability to let out the waist on the trousers of perception and raise the hemline of reality.

We are just beginning to push the buttons on the mind. This notion of the ebb and flow of an invisible quality that integrates and disintegrates entities into the world is well established in Eastern thought as the idea of the Tao. We are the children of a force that we can barely imagine. Global currents may form on the outside of the spore.

Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival | Mind Bending Truth

Dickwho he described as an “incredible genius,” [69] fabulist Jorge Luis Borgeswith whom McKenna shared the belief that “scattered through the ordinary world there are books and artifacts and perhaps people who are like doorways into impossible realms, of impossible and contradictory truth” [8] and Vladimir Nabokov ; McKenna once said that he would have become a Nabokov lecturer if he had never encountered psychedelics.

What I enjoy about McKenna is his willingness to take informed leaps into the unknown, to shatter all pretenses, to question every value and self-evident truth, and at the same time entertain the possibility that he may be wrong.


The first step in those al- terations will consist mainly of cutting away the veils in order that we might see ourselves for that transgalactic Other that we really are and al- ways have been. Event occurs at 1: It could just be an imitation or similar to the actual thing.

It lifted me out of my ‘intellectual Kansas’ so to speak, haha! He dismisses those who can achieve shamanistic results without the use of hallucinogens, revealing his own prejudice that drugs are the only way.

And that that embodiment is joy and love, a profundity of pleasure, experiential awareness, consciousness, and radiance beyond what most people have ever experienced on the most profound levels. The shaman may appear to be a member of the culture, but he’s broader, deeper, higher, and wider than the culture that created him. Weekly as “the culture’s foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience,” Terence McKenna is an underground legend as a brilliant raconteur, adventurer, and expert on the experiential use of mind-altering plants.

It’s uncontrollable to the degree that it is not well under- stood. Jun 27, Anthony rated it really liked it.

This process is taking ten, twenty, one hundred thousand years — an instant. DMT is the strongest psychedelic there is, yet it lasts only five minutes.

What has been your experience with it? And to have arisen in a million years from the chipping of flint to the launching of the space shuttle and the hurling of instruments out of the solar system, it seems preposterous to maintain that the forces and facts of nature as we know them could have allowed us to do what we are doing.

As one of the few who dared to converse with the mushroom Logos, knowing how to handle the lin Today we’re privileged to see hours of Terence McKenna lectures online with a single mouse click. On the other hand, a hallucinogen like LSD revval retained in the body for some time. Yes, they’re pushing us right there.


Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival

This is the chaos at the end of history. There would be no am- biguity. I think that the psychology of Buddhism is the older stra- ta, and that arises out of shamanism. There are no fungi in the fossil record older than forty million years. In fact, it was LSD experiences that drove me to collect Mahayana art. Archived from the original Mxkenna on April 18, He is mckenns of an inconvenient genius in an Terence McKenna is a brilliant cultural and evolutionary theorist who posits hallucinogenic plants as a driving force of human evolution and actually backs it up.

These entities remind me of the scene in the film version of The Wizard of Oz after the Munchkins with a death certificate for the Witch of the East. I don’t even know what is in second place, it’s so far in front.

That’s why it is so impor- tant to communicate, for all of us to put our best foot forward, to put our best metaphors on the table. In the twilight of human history, McKenna’s prescription for salvation is just so crazy it might work. What I think is going on with psychedelics, especially the tryptamine family and I will return to thatis some kind of intimation of mceknna objective reality. This phenomenon is not new — people have talking to gods and demons for far more of human history than they have not.

Among the pre-Buddhist shamans was there drug use? Qrchaic think there’s a very strong Calvinistic bias against a free lunch. Well, at least I had the courage rveival make a specific prophecy.

I remember a quote from terence that will stick with me forever mdkenna deconstruction of reality has no bottom. What is obviously happening is that everything is being drawn together.