I wanna sell my Apexi I-Moni which i bought at japan before. The iMONI is probably the coolest little gizmo to hit the performance scene. pdf · Apexi Imoni Obd2 Gauge Instruction Manual Japanese, M Wire Colours Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Manual Instructions Apexi Imoni OBD2 Gauge. i ‘m not getting a power to this thing, its brand new, and the cigarette adapter is in. the obd-2 port is right under the area with the vsa switch.

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Traditional anitlag backs off timing on gearchange and dumps fuel, but keeps the throttle nailed so keep exhaust gas flowing. In actual fact I recently brought the Apezi Control Kit in parts and found it cheaper in parts, I guess this is becuase of the way its shipped in a medium box.

Basic Hand Controller functions — Online Emulator.

You may be able to depending on the version of the ECU and hand controller. CPU has been designed for drag racing use. How do I debug alexi, how can I make it go away?

If anyone knows of any others out there that are good please let me know. That is, its a generic remapper for stock ECUs. More to come on this topic as I further look into my tune and try and get some better fuel economy. Came with some seats and is not needed. What cars is the PowerFC supported on? These report values wpexi the current sensors are returning.

  ISO 19128 PDF

AP Engineering versions are no longer available brand new. The car should be a little snappier and sharper under accerelation This is good. Appexi Djetro Load Calculation: This includes turning on the Aircon, Demister and Heater throughout the idle stages so the ECU has time a;exi learn the engine setup and idle levels.

The bad boy of the ECU market that dominates all. I always have knocking, is it true, is it lies or is something wrong?

FS: kouki fender, apexi imoni, apexi ero flasher, sr parts, s14, ngk sprak plugs

Find More Posts by Acura Its usually pretty popular and regular topics appear each day so its an active list. Imonl original fault was caused by a mismatched wiring configuration which shorted out a few fuses and the PowerFC failed kmoni this stage.

The RB26 having two, and the RB20 having one of each. Ya thats what i was thinking. Self Tuning — Ignition Timing What are the percentages for my airflow voltages for?

This is the ECU and hand controller. Now with that number in mind do the following. Some cars only for some strange reason have half gauge wiring running from the battery to the ECU.

NEW Apexi i-Moni…

She has done over kms at track days and hasn’t missed a beat, I just keeping feeding her fuel, tyres, brake pads. Everything will be up for sale to do apexk the engine and trans. Any max values you see are cleared when you turn the cars power off.

You can choose inputs, outputs, engine control, batch or sequential fire, anti lag, fuel or spark cut, complete map control and 3rd dimension selection.

  IEC 60332-3A PDF

Advice wanted for choosing gauges. – Page 2-

If you are using one airflow meter you can simply parrallel up the airflow meter signal into the second input on the RB26 aapexi. But once you max out any airflow meter simply change to a larger unit or more scalable unit. No warranty is implied or provided with the information given here, use it at your own risk. You sure can if you know. The D-Jetro Power FC units carry the same functions as the regular Power FC units but do not require the use of the factory standard air flow meter and use a mass air pressure sensor.

Aoexi needs to be taken into account when placing the map sensor or map sensors for the Djetro system to avoid idle problems on multiple throttle bodied engines. Hi everyone, the below items are for sale. Best to get it tuned. It is always recommended that you get your PowerFC tuned for your cars mods.

Speak to the tuner if you still have terrible economy. Here is a short list of known working replacement map sensors; AEM 3.