At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. MODEL. RETURN FILTER. TV FILTER. CF 5 – 30 MHz. 47 – MHz. IF FILTER. – MHz. CF 5 – 65 MHz. 86 – MHz. The CF broadband head-end amplifier has multiple inputs and different band Output Level (IMD3 dB). dBμV. Output Level (IMD2 dB). dBμV.

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The signal which is distributed to the dwelling is selected by changing the connections of the coaxial cables at the user access point. The guarantee is strictly limited to the replacement of xlcad materials supplied by ALCAD, and does not cover any damage or breakdowns due to misuse, incorrect installation, or prohibited manipulation or handling of the materials, carried out by the client before returning the goods to ALCAD.

The channel should be specified in the order. It consists of a power supply unit and processor modules which xf mounted on a support frame. Installation in cascade which distribute the terrestrial and satellite TV to the outlets. Applications ME In SMATV, MATV and individual installations it is used to combine the signals after amplification at the head-end of the installation or as a separator to distribute the terrestrial and satellite signals to different points.

Supplied in a multiple pack. The price that will be applied is the current price in the country of sale at the date of receipt of order.

The new vandal proof entrance panels range by ALCAD is the best option if you are looking for a durable and reliable solution that suits all needs. The distribution is made in the terrestrial TV and IF satellite bands. Characteristics Voltage blockage in the output connectors.

The use of this table allows you to obtain the maximum output level of an amplifier according to the most frequently used methods of measurement using the maximum output level measured with a different method.

Characteristics Rejects GSM signals as well as signals coming from the lower part of the antenna. In qlcad event that the return of the material is accepted, the goods must be in perfect working condition and in their original packing and sent to us carriage-paid with a photocopy of the authorisation of the return and the initial invoice.


The filter enables the elimination of the audio or video carrier of the interfering signal, a higher rejection level can be alcqd adjusting several filters to the same carrier. It amplifies the TV signal so a distribution with several new outlets can be made from the signal of one TV outlet or from the coaxial cable entering the house. The ZG amplifier amplifies the DAB digital radio by groups of channels which should be specified when ordering. Applications Digital MATV installations, where the users do not have individual terrestrial digital receiver.

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The levels of all the channels can be equalised by adjusting alcac attenuators of the filter before amplification. The antenna measures 89cm x 78cm. Does not require blade adjustment. The signal which is distributed to the house is selected by changing the connections of the coaxial cables at the user access point.

They distribute part of the input signal to their tap outputs while the main part of the signal continues to the output.

The filters should be separated by 4 channels. In this example the audio and video signals for the modulators come from two video cameras.

It has a gain control and two outputs for the distribution to two or more televisions. The level of the channels can be adjusted automatically or manually from the broadband amplifier of the equipment.

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DA Characteristics Made from zamak and galvanised plate for maximum shielding. Power supply unit for multiswitch, 18 mA. They permit the feeding of a preamplifier or of an LNB through the output. The assembly of the dish is simple, once installed it is very robust and assures great orientation stability. Power must be supplied from each individual receiver to feed the switching and amplification of each tap 12. TV reception of channels that are not distributed by the TV installation in the building — in this case the indoor antenna mixes the channels it receives with the channels of the outlet of the installation.


Characteristics Shielded zamak chassis, covered aocad an ABS plastic box for outdoor use. The chimney clamp is fixed to the chimney by means of a securing wire rope and turnbuckles. Applications Individual and collective installations of terrestrial and satellite TV.

High selectivity and automatic gain control Alcax. Used as a single piece of equipment to treat all terrestrial and satellite TV signals, greatly simplifying the installation. Supplied in a m coil.

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AL 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The AL power supply unit included in the kits is not sold separately. The variable attenuators are equipped with an attenuation control.

Applications SMATV installations requiring the distribution of one satellite polarity together alccad the rest of the terrestrial TV channels. The equipment requires the use of ZP 4 or ZG amplification equipment.

The installation is made with a single amplifier for the two distribution cables. The environmental temperature is the temperature of the air at a distance of more than 1m from the equipment or from the cabinet in which the equipment is installed. Up to terrestrial TV channels. Legal notice Cookies policy. This equipment is recommended for installation in hotels, hospitals and other large buildings with a great number of chan- 6 nels.

The control signal is connected to the alarm management system of the building.

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The principal advantage of this equipment 8 is the conversion of channels with a compact and economical module that is compatible with the amplification equipment. Applications SMATV installations where the distribution of a satellite polarity is required together with the rest of the terrestrial TV channels. Variable attenuator, 18dB, from 5 to 2,MHz.

Applications Designed to enlarge analogue and digital terrestrial TV installations within an apartment or house. Characteristics 3 4 Shielded zamak chassis and F type connectors.