Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado. animgif. The philosophical notion that the cosmos is filled by a superfine gas, called Aether, originates. May 1, Aethro Kinematics Steven Rado Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, Stock, [quota]. Total Files, 1. File Size, MB. Create Date, May 1, Aethro-kinematics Amazon. Steven Rado () Steven Rado () Biography. All rights reserved. © Aethron Press. SetevenRado’s.

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Tags Aethro kinematics Rado Steven. The simple physics of the third millennium. This method is called the Galilean. See our Returns Policy. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 10 days.

He does go into some ethical discussions towards science, mostly sarcastically, and there are a few typos here and there, and one or two charts that have some mistakes like obviously accidental arrows left in. Einstein abolished the Aether and declaired the incapability of classical physics to resolve its own contradictions between mechanics and electromagnetism.

Your review of classical and modern physics is the best of any I’ve ever read and I’ve read quite a few on modern physics. The outside observer claims: Statis- tically they have an average speed and an average collision free path, meaning that the gas has an average density, a given compressibility and elasticity.

Don’t worry, Rado will teach you, by means of careful analogies and beautiful pictures.

Hence, Aether has been replaced by this unique kinematkcs Space but it has preserved the whole initial duality conflict within itself. The most successful was the Contraction Theory of G. In case when the train moves toward the source,its speed will be added aethrl the aetheo speed of sound,and if it moves away from the source,its speed will reduce the measured speed of sound.

The ball hits the deck right at the bottom of the mast regardless whether the ship is at rest or in uniform motion on a straight line. Before I bought the book, I checked the corresponding website, and it looked horrible, like it was programmed back in the 80s on geocities. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Took physics again at a university, same thing.


Biophysics & Aether Research: Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. Thus, in relativity the speed of light became a constant and limiting velocity of the universe, while the Newtonian concept of originally constant inertial mass became a variable quantity depending on the relative motion of the measurer.

From the Publisher The text book of the 21th century Praise for this Title: Of course I couldn’t fully absorb your ideas in a single reading. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number.

Action-at-a-distance violates all our Earthly experience.

If you’re prepared to devote serious time to the subject, and realise that what he’s talking about is just a model, but one that does have some very interesting properties, Steven Rado has worked out the details of a mechanical model and you must read his book.

Sometimes, exceptional people, with great minds, are only “discovered” after they are dead. But still left with the remaining question what causes the sink process and where the aether goes in aethr center of a mass, being converted into mass or energy or what – you are now leaving me with the additional problem of the tangential component of the aether on the surface of the earth, that has in my mind no basis of experimental evidence!

I have juist finished your “Epilogue, so that I can now put it down and get on with other necessary things, but I expect to return to it for kinematisc study and reference. Rado presents all his arguments in a very clear and concise manner.

Its message is one of extreme importance to the science of physics.

Common Sense Physics – AETHRO-KINEMATICS

The simple mathematics in this work serves only one purpose; To show that the common sense, alternatives of the perplexing mysteries of modern physics could lead to the same mathematical description. No doubt,the measuredspeed of the sound-waves will be different when it is taken in different directions on the top of a railroad car which moves relative to the motionless air.


Let us assume,that the light waves move through ether as sound waves moved through air. The ratio,b Beta between the length of an object at rest,to its length in motion is expressed by the formula: The ship moves with the same speed in the same direction relative to the shore. The velocity of sound is,for me,the same in all directions. Thus, Descartes, Huygens and others invented another Space, filled with the Aether; a gaseous substance of supermundane order of magnitude which was suppose to be the conveyer of those phenomena asthro explain away the problems that the featureless empty space created.


A dissident alternative to contemporary theoretical physics. If all solid bodies contract in the direction of their motion,then the measuring of kinematicz will also be affected by the motion of the devices and the null result can be explained.

Aethro – kinematics

It is worth the reading just for the excellent breakdown of the history of science alone that it embraces. After taking physics back in kinematicz, I was unconvinced of relativity. A man outside sees,through the glass walls of the moving room,everything which is going on inside. I haven’t yet finished it, but he gives one hope that we may some day learn to understand our Universe intuitively if we can first really understand the kinetic theory of gases.

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It is greater than the standard velocity of sound in the direction of the motion of the room and smaller in the opposite direction. Let’s add a variable or a constant that’ll fix it!

One of the perplexing puzzles appeared in the unexpected experimental results in the measurements of the speed of light. One of the questions which arose from the duality of classical physics was about the model of the allpervading aether.