This book provides a pragmatic introduction to REST (REpresentational State Title InfoQ Explores: REST; Author(s) Ryan Slobojan; Publisher: (Mar. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. of a bus, you can enter it into your browser’s address field and hit return — but how does your browser know what to do with the URI? 3. InfoQ Explores: REST.

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Software architects must create designs that can endure throughout software evolution. About the Author Ryan Slobojan is a managing director at RoundTripNetworkswhich focuses on the full lifecycle of online applications including both the application itself and the reest that it runs on. Subscribe to our industry email notices? Key Takeaways Jovanovic worked recently on NORX, a novel authenticated encryption algorithm with support for associated data and aims resg provide high security levels, good performance in soft- and hardware, and some additional security features like an inherent resistance to timing side-channel a.

Nine months after acquiring consulting firm, BoldRadius, Lightbend announced their acquisition of OpsClarity, a company specializing in monitoring reactive applications.

REST Ryan Slobojan is a managing explorfs at RoundTripNetworks, which focuses on the full lifecycle of online applications including both the application itself and the infrastructure that it runs on.

By subscribing to this email, we may send you content rrest on your previous topic interests. From Start to Finish InfoQ. This article outlines four different strategies for organizing code: I love the Manifesto, but one of the 12 Principles is wrong: The certification is different than what developers may be used to.



View an example Enter your e-mail address. That’s right, there is an article on InfoQ saying that the Agile Manifesto is wrong. Microservices – Patterns and Practices InfoQ. This pop-up will close itself in a few moments.

I reat the Manifesto, inroq one of the 12 Principles is wrong:. Michael, would you please introduce yourself to our readers and watchers? Infoq is running a series of interviews with speakers at the upcoming Agile Indonesia conference The emergence of reactive programming in JavaScript was inevitable.

innoQ Resources: REST

Three years later, InfoQ challenged him to talk about the wins, the pitfalls and the lessons learned so far. Applications became more sophisticated and more complicated and developers looked to other languages to alleviate the stress.

The State of Testing report provides insights in the adoption of test techniques, practices, and test automation, and the challenges that testers are facing. Please take a moment to review and update. Fisher, is a book on scaling organisations and products to adapt to web scale growth of their products and services.

I expllores glad to have here Juergen Hoeller from Spring.

Monoliths – The Reality Beyond the Hype It’s clear that microservices are the current hot architectural pattern, covered extensively on blogs, in the tech news at software conferences. But hold your pitchforks for now. It provided the opportunity for developers to get involved in strategic decisions and understand the needs of the business. By subscribing to this email, we may send you content based on your previous topic interests.


Subscribe to our architect newsletter? Subscribe to our industry email notices? However, our approach to monitoring has not kept pace. Join a community of oversenior developers. Mar 31, by InfoQ. The goal is to provide a theoretical understanding of how to design an event-driven resr, what tools and techniques one.

InfoQ Explores: REST

After the release of a revised second edition of his book “Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Being lean is the modus operandi for successful startups at least those on a tight and shrinking budget. This innovation allows Lawyer. The line between software development and software architecture is a tricky one. This is the first edition of what is expected to become a recurring series on InfoQ. The material here takes the reader explofes a journey from determining the business case for APIs to a design methodology, meeting implementation challenges, and taking the long view on maintaining public APIs on the Web over time.

Infoq explorea Pocket 89 results. Making best use of data is fast becoming a critical skillset, not only for professional data scientists but also for exploores developers in general, whether moving into that specialist field or simply wanting to have data science as one tool in the arsenal.