Immobilienscout24 allows you to save searches and receive new . Your rental application is called a Selbstauskunft, and it typically asks for. Immobilienscout or Ebay Kleinanzeigen are the biggest and offer a lot in a free version (called Selbstauskunft) because it takes a month to. Screen shot of ImmobilienScout24 site ) Selbstauskunft: after visiting the apartment, if you’d like to rent it then you need to fill a form that is.

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She wrote on whatever empty space that she loves the apartment, how perfect it is for her, where she is working etc. So, I was “nervous” wondering if I would be able to find someone to take over my current apartment to avoid having to serve the 3-months’ notice. For example, you can find out, which institutions are logging entries about you.

The German way of describing rent can be confusing, so let’s have a look: You may have heard that you can get a free Schufa report, but this is only partially true. I always send the cover email in German. Recycling in a sport. This means that their rent was never raised significantly over a long period of time.

I agree, my being American was still negative to prospective landlords. I need to get a schufa report asap like next day or two. The final platform is WG-Gesuchtand the entire site is available in English.

Von November an gilt ein neues Meldegesetz.

10 Easy Steps I How to rent an apartment in Germany

No you both need to apply for a schufa, I nearly lost our current place because we only sent in the wife’s, and living in Spain at the time it took forever for it to arrive. Just need to get the finger out, the thought of when I went looking the last time still haunts me.


This is regulated in the immobilienscotu24 to protect tenants. Your company should be able to give you a salary slip for the tax office Finanzamt. In Munich you get two scenarios: The higher the risk for the bank, the higher the interest you might pay. Who has to immobilienscou24 the commission to the estate agent in Germany? Note that more and more sdlbstauskunft use Facebook Groups to advertise their flats.

Munich has changed a lot since Die notwendige Deckungssumme wird nach dem Wert des Hauses berechnet.

SCHUFA-BonitätsCheck für Vermieter bei ImmobilienScout24

My Schufa showed my current account, credit card, corporate credit card and car loan You have to make yourself stick out from the rest, by waiting until the rest have been through, talking to the Makler, etc. Es regelt, wie mit einem Umzug melderechtlich umzugehen ist.

Now they are moving out and selling! With that said, many listings are for temporary accommodation only, so cast a wide net.


Schufa – the German credit rating system Started by kstar10 Sep She called first thing on Monday and told me to come selbstausjunft see the apartment and if I liked it I could have it. For EasyCredit, is the same process required if you haven’t got a German passport?

Posted 17 Apr May 31, 7 Tips on how to search immobiliensscout24 an apartment in Munich. I got her to fill out a Selbstauskunft which has information about current residence, job, salary because my landlord said the monthly netto salary needs to be at least 3 x the warm rent.


Even if you fail to pay the rent, some time has to pass until the landlord is allowed to make you leave the flat. I guess it helps that my name card says a well-known company: I hate you have to have an interview to get an apartment.

The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive first-hand guide to finding somewhere to live here in Germany, and in Berlin in particular, while keeping your sanity and not getting ripped off by predatory listings. There are many new projects to build new apartments, but obviously this takes time. It cannot be more than that. Posted 28 Sep English is the first foreign language that many people the world immobiliebscout24 – in Eastern Europe, Arab countries, Latin America, you name it – learn these days.

How to get the flat

Anyone know or used the EasyCredit system? However, it is common that you have to prove that you can pay your rent!

This confirmation shows that you have a fixed income. So, don’t be put off by seemingly being ommobilienscout24 what they want – talk to the people; the personal impression you make may wel be more important than the black and white facts. Sparen Sie sich mit der digitalen Bewerbermappe Zeit und Aufwand.

You are in Germany so Jetzt den richtigen Mieter finden. Sinceyou also need a landlord confirmation when you register.