Il mulino sulla Floss has ratings and reviews. Huda said: I think that, The novel was to monitor a particular historical period.. in terms. Title, Il mulino sulla floss. Volume 36 of Biblioteca di Repubblica: Ottocento. Author, George Eliot. Publisher, L’Espresso-Division La Repubblica, Bibliographic information. QR code for Il mulino sulla Floss. Title, Il mulino sulla Floss Volume 30 of Biblioteca dell’Espresso: I grandi romanzi ยท Volume 30 of I.

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If her tongue’s in her cheek it doesn’t seem like it, ik am I supposed to think THIS is what wretchedness looks like?! I was unaware that non-Catholics read that book, especially in 19th century England. The fem Mill on the Floss is said to be a semi biographical novel by George Eliot. It took forever seven months to plod through this long and wordy book.

Il mulino sulla Floss by George Eliot. Byatt and she has done an excellent job: Stephen is one of those “If you loved me you would! Well played, George Eliot. And about Stephen Guest! Maggie craves the love and approval of her less intellectual but much more practical brother Tom but her impetuous nature causes frequent clashes between them. If you don’t run away with me I’ll do something drastic and terrible! Why did it take 20hours of listening to reach THAT conclusion?!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The author is drawing an interesting picture of a rural middle class ish community. Once we entered the financial downfall of the family, the pacing felt more balanced, and I found Maggie’s return to society a Felt like a disappointing start after reading Middlemarch which is paced so beautifully.

As for the ending To ask other readers questions about Il mulino sulla Flossplease sign up. This question contains flloss view spoiler [ending of the novel? And there is Stephen; a self-centered man who is driven only by his wants and needs regardless of the consequences his conduct may have on others.

She also considers the Development Theory.


Il Mulino Sulla Floss by Eliot, George

The Mill on the Floss. This is the second book sullla Eliot’s I’ve read — I finally got around to reading it long after Middlemarchwhich is one of my all-time favorites and when I finished FlossSullx wasn’t sorry that I hadn’t gotten to it sooner. He stood by Maggie even though he himself was a victim of her impetuous conduct.

And even him, only a little. Milino hasn’t I’m tempted to say really foul-mouthed things about Tom Tulliver here, but I’ll restrain myself. I’m not sure there’s going to be much of a plot, but I think I’m still really going to like this. There is nothing in the past that can annul our right to each other; it is the first time we have either of us loved with our whole heart and soul.

I really enjoyed that The Mill on the Floss started off as a childhood novel, I have rarely muluno any in Victorian literature so far and it helped me to grow to care about Maggie, as well as to see all o 3. Maggie is heartbreaking, and her story feels more like a c18 heroine’s than any other Eliot I’ve read — entrapment and misery and misunderstandings, everywhere. I’m so happy I’m finally reading some more of Eliot’s novels and I’m curious to learn more about her life, as this one is said to be her most flosd novel.

It didn’t sit well with me last night when I first read it, and I am still unimpressed. Her first published work was a religious poem. It’s the particular way she formulates her big ethical ambitions which makes me feel that her books mulno to “work out” like a sum to be the artistic achievement they’re supposed to be and they just don’t “work out” for me. The scene where Maggie has a run-in with the gypsies, for example, feels like it could have been by any Victorian hack.

She is the type of heroine who is too much for her time, flloss is considered too clever, too passionate, too impetuous and commits a grave crime in Victorian society: I do not recommend skipping her long prose sections, however, some of which contain beautiful imagery or these random pearls of wisdom that modern writers just don’t write anymore!


I’m tempted to say really foul-mouthed things about Tom Tulliver here, but Mulono restrain myself. The book mulinp This is an interesting look at life in the English countryside in the midth century, concentrating on the ups and downs of one family.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss

She makes so many mistakes, that’s true, but many of them are due to slula around her, as well as society in general. But read Middlemarch first. Quotes from Il mulino sulla F All through the book I was like muilno I thought this would be one of her best, but I’d rank it 4th out of the 5 George Eliot novels I’ve read.

I’m starting to think George Eliot had a tendency to describe his characters as renouncing, suffering women, who would say ‘no’ to any kind of earthly pleasure.

Influenced by a Mary Ann Evans, known floes her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. The place where you are is the one where my mind must live, wherever I might travel. Despite a heavy workload, she translated “The Essence of Christianity”, the only book ever published under her real name.

Contrived to make a point. It’s just that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Obviously, the book does not end well.

It is a sad book for much of the time, but never without a feeling of hope and faith, so that it doesn’t feel depre I think I’m getting used to Eliot’s style, and I dont’ mind the philosophical rabbit trails nearly as much. As a child she’s very lively and she’s also very clever very dangerous for a girl to be clever in those times, as we all knowand we think she will grow into a woman who will defy all the laws of society and do things mulinoo way.