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Other than that, it is just like the circuit above.

Datasheet archive on 26-2-2009

This is what they mean by the term “current rating”. For further information on detecting switch status, you can refer to the section on mechanical switch.

Refer to the transistor datasheet for appropriate R1 value, or you can vatasheet a quick experiment to determine the R1 value to implement. This channelling of current, means that there are less current flowing to indicator. I might have to design a diode bridge and a capacitor to the hold the relay.

DSS41A05 NTE Equivalent NTE RD Relay SPST 6V – Wholesale Electronics

For this demo, I am using a 9V battery to activate a Fan. It uses more energy. Like the size of a water pipe, there is a limit on the water flow rate. This circuit is a solid state relay interfacing a low digital voltage for controlling the Vac power supply to the AC device. These glitches can sustain its noise for as long as ms. Click here for Triac Selection Chart. Elcodis is a trademark of Elcodis Company Ltd. The oscilloscope’s screen capture on the left shows the glitches produce by the following PCB mounted tactile push button switch.


You can differential between a reed and a SSR device by testing it’s input terminal. A simple way to remove such switch glitch noise is to insert a capacitor of let say nF between the input signal and reference ground. DIAC, or diode for alternating current. When you get used to it, you will get to understand the behavior of this component and eventually understand the computation of a transistor. Switching sound is hardly noticeable.

In another words it is a device that convert electrical signal to a mechanical energy back to electrical signal again. The adjustable speed resemble again, the dimmer AC circuit that is presented earlier. Fortunately it is also easy to understand, if you pay enough attention in this topic. The potential of the arrow head should be lower than the arrow tail by typically Vbe 0. The relative ddatasheet is the key concept.

Normally Close, with Double Break.

The voltage reference should be 5V. The following diagram illustrate the circuit. For further information on choosing your dss41a055 for carrying power, click here.

For LED indicator load, the lamp will be constantly turn on. The maximum amount of current that can flow through, without destroying itself. This is because more current will flow through the resistor when the transistor switch datazheet turned on. Within a very very short time after the triac switch is activated, the output reaches a steady state and there are no more distortion.


The fact is when we say the stick is long, we are comparing it to something we have in our mind. Datasheeg you can still remember the main topic of this article.

Datasheet archive on 26-1-2009

When we want to read the voltage of the wire, we are actually reading it with reference to another potential. The coil being powered up, will generate a magnetic force that will attract the lever. Understanding the fundamental of electronics from the knowledge of switch. When it gets too hot, the wire will just burn off, just like what a fuse do.

See detailed specifications for more information. It may helps conduct away heat better but is rather dangerous. One wire to the base, the other wire to the emitter terminal. Switch description such as “double poles double throws” or 2P2T provide more information on how the switches are operated. Various product that uses switches.

Mechanical switch on a Vac power tends to generate arcing. Unlike a triac, thyristor conducts in a single direction. Long long time ago, circuit connection is achieved using muscular means.