Well, it’s been a couple of months since my first post above and I’ve been flying my Calmato Sports pretty regularly. It’s a really easy flyer and. Kyosho CALMATO ALPHA 40 SPORTS – BLUE (EP/GP), Sussex Model Centre, ARTF Low Wing Trainer. My favourite sport plane came to a violent end last week thanks to a tree and I have the Calmato 40 trainer that flys well and is quite agile and.

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Includes pre-assembled fuel tank. Advanced glow fuel resistant Toughlon film covering is more resistant to wrinkling and sagging than normal PVC film. Glad to hear you’re into scale type flying which is also why I chose this model. Required for operation Not included: Not high performance, but nice to fool around with. Kyosho Fuselage Wood Wings: Find More Posts by ep3mhb. Factory assembled airplane covered with vivid printed color.

Did you balance mm back from the LE as the instructions said or did you balance a little more forward???? The airplane would have no weight on the nosegear and would “sit down” on it’s tail at the slightest thing. That is, if they actually have QA. I hope they’ve just got one or two workers packing the ARFs who are pulling parts from the wrong bin, but that’s still a mistake that shouldn’t happen at all.

Fastsky Well for a couple of years now I keep reading the same thing about how the Kyosho planes fly well but how the covering starts to peel away from the plane in short order. Features rudder connected steering nose wheel.


Leave it as it is. Kyosho Calmato 40 Sports anyone? Delivery Competitive delivery rates, next day delivery available. Place the battery under the fuel tank, and this bring the CG to the correct location without any added weight.


Find More Posts by Sportflyr. Additional Information Manufacturer Kyosho. And I fly it off grass. The perfect introduction to low-flight wing! That is the only downside about Kyoshos, covering peeling off. Creates different impression to the GP version. Starting with grain and finishing with grain.

My local hobby shop mainly deals with foamies and RTF stuff but they have a kyosho calmato sports plane in stock and I don’t mind the look of it. I’m actually waiting on my flying partner my brother to get off of vacation before I maiden it and I will promptly post my impressions here: It’s a really easy flyer and extremely graceful in the air.

Basically, the airplane got some bad press in the other threads.

In addition, no gluing is required in the highly detailed finish with completed fuel tank piping so is not only an easy choice for beginners, but also makes an excellent second airplane for experienced fliers. Factory assembled fuselage also has difficult to manage fuel tank lines installed. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Can be flown in calmsto with a 4-cell battery in sports mode.



Master the Kyosho Calmato Sports, and you’ll be able to handle just about any airplane. Its obvious from your comments that the Calmato 40 is a good value to consider; much better than the planes that I looked at previously. BTW, I definitely recommend the taildragger conversion.

Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight! The Kyosho Calmato Sports is an excellent choice for a second plane. The main wing halves are joined with an aluminum pin and can be separated for compact and easy transport. Coopz Yadtech Heavy Industries Ltd.

Calmato 40 Sport Kyosho

Any one has a drawing of Calmato 40 Sport? Is the Calmato still a decent plane?

When I unpack the box the first night, I go over every part with an iron. It’s really strange how light it is on the nosegear, but it balances according to the instruction booklet just right with a slight nose heaviness. A fuel resistant coating protects the interior for increased durability. Those were the only mods that I had planned on making but they I started to find some other problems.

Anybody out there have a Kyosho Calmato 40 Sports?