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Specifying the roots, i. Integrate by parts the latter integral. Equivalent Infinitesimals 71 1. Then a and b are found as the abscissas of the points of intersection of the indicated curves Fig. Calculation of Limits caluclus Functions 61 1. Proceeding from the geometric meaning of the definite integral, prove that: Let us prove the contrary.

X 1 1 X Investigate the function thus obtained for a minimum in the interval 0, oo: The Derivative of an Inverse Function. Introduction to Mathematical Analysis The function f x is markn at the point x if and only if The function f x is continuous on the set X if it is continuous at every point of this set.

Do the following functions have the greatest and the least values on the indicated intervals? Assuming the side of a calcullus to be an infinitesimal, de- termine the order of smallness of the diagonal of the cube dof the area of its surface S ; of its volume V.


In this case it is advisable to integrate with respect to y and take advantage of the symmetry of the figure see Fig. Consider the integral Ch. Integration of Other Transcendental Functions Solution.

The change in the limits of integration is conveniently expressed in Ch.

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

Let us have two periodic functions f x and y x defined on a common set. Infinitesimal and Infinite Functions. If a sequence has an infinite limit, does it mean that this maon is unbounded? Prove that a sequence of lengths of perimeters of regular 2 w -gons inscribed in a circle tends to a limit called the length of circumference.

Let us use the clculus example to demonstrate the applica- tion of the method of particular values. Since the equation of the curve conta- ins y to the second power, the curve is symmetrical about the Ch VII.

Let us calculs R Q x. Domain of Definition 19 1. Therefore it is possible to subtract the number n from the upper and lower limits: Determine the relative error of the result which depends on the inaccuracy in reading the angle cp.


Solution, a The function is defined and continuous throughout the number scale.

Full text of “Problems In Calculus Of One Variable by I. A. Maron”

Find the calcjlus for determining the absolute errors in the following functions through the absolute errors in their argu- ments: Is the function even, odd, periodic? Prove that if a polynomial of an even degree attains at least one value the sign of calcylus is opposite to that of the coeffi- cient at the superior power of x of the polynomial, then the latter has at least two real roots.

Consequently, the Cauchy formula is applicable to the given functions: Basic Theorems on Differ entiable Functions or. For the error to be less than 0.

Let us find it. There is no need to introduce an arbitrary constant after calculating each integral as is done in the above example.