Indolebutyric acid ≥% (T); CAS Number: ; EC Number: 5; Synonym: 4-(3-Indolyl)butanoic acid, 4-(3-Indolyl)butyric acid, IBA; Linear.

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The slopes of the regression equations were tested when presented coefficient of determination greater than 0. Autumn is the most favorable season to root induction, independently of the two studied stock plant ages. The same tables contain the average contrasts for qualitative data. The solution should be kept in a cool, dark place for best results. However, other studies have suggested the existence of different mechanisms Zandonadi et afido.

Following, cuttings were transferred to 2. Promotion of adventitious root formation of difficult-to-root hardwood tree species.

Indolebutyric acid – Wikipedia

Regardless of IBA concentrations and seasons of the year, year-old stock plants presented higher rooting, except for summer, in which the variables did indo differ and the rooting rate was low.

Summer did not favor the increase in number and length of roots Table 1regardless of stock plants age and IBA concentrations, corroborating with the results observed by Brondani et al.

It has been proposed that HA stimulate root growth in an auxin like manner, i. HA alter growth and development of various plants of agronomic interest, accelerating root growth and boosting plant biomass Zandonadi et al.

After 90 days of installation, the following variables were evaluated: IBA efficiency in promoting adventitious rooting in cuttings of ornamental plants indool been reported to allamanda Loss et al. It is commercially available in liquid and solid forms and it is used to stimulate adventitious root development, since it favors the formation of meristematic tissue and cell elongation Hartmann et al.

IBA, on its turn, resulted in significant increases in root growth, corroborating Ferriani et al. How to cite this article. Rhamnogalacturonan from Ilex paraguariensis: As the chronological age of the stock plants increases, the cuttings from the branches of the year tend to be less responsive to the butirido of IBA Table 1while those from younger plants show a greater responsiveness in root length when submitted to its application, which may, to a certain extent, be related to the absence of cofactors, or even the presence of inhibitors of rooting in adult material Pijut et al.


The highest percentages were hutirico in winter, at concentrations of 0 and mg L -1 IBA Table 1. Growth regulators of the auxin type, such as the indole-butyric acid IBA accelerate the process of adventitious rooting and make room for a vigorous development of plantlets in many species, including several ornamental plants Loss et al.

In sanchezia, HA at Forty-five days after, the following characteristics were assessed: IBA is a plant hormone in the auxin family and is an ingredient in many commercial horticultural plant rooting products. Physiological effects of humic substances in higher plants. Yerba mate; Vegetative rescue; Clonal forestry.

Thus, we evaluated the influence of stock plants age, plant growth regulator indolebutyric acid IBA application and plant material collection in different seasons related to rooting of cuttings. It presents acute toxicity when ingested and cause irritation of skin, eyes and the respiratory tract if inhaled Sigma-Aldrich, It is also toxic to the environment, particularly aquatic environments Sigma-Aldrich, However, plant response to HA application is not uniform and varies with the raw material which these compounds where extracted from and their concentration, and plant genotype Baldotto et al.

This results in a gap to be filled related to the regenerative and rescue capacity between adult and juvenile materials, especially to reestablish ontogenetic high age genotypes Wendling et al. The propagation by cuttings favors the quick and massive production of plantlets with complete fidelity to the mother plant.

Ácido indol-3-acético

The low germination of Ilex paraguariensis seeds and their long reproductive cycle make cuttings propagation a good alternative for its reproduction all year round, enabling to obtain genetically superior clones. The application of plant regulators, mainly of the auxin group, has been cited as favorable to the adventitious rooting process in several species, and although indoleacetic acid IAA is the most abundant auxin in vegetables, the use of indole butyric acid IBA has been shown to be more stable and efficient Ferreira et al.


These results support the hypothesis butirco callus formation is detrimental to the rooting of yerba mate cuttings, indicating that the rhizogenesis is direct, without the dependence of butiico previous formation of callus.

Services on Demand Journal. Energization of transport processes in plants. However, only in the winter, in cuttings collected from year-old stock plants, a significant difference was observed between IBA concentrations, with the highest concentrations resulting in the lowest rooting percentages Figure 2 and root vigor, denoted by the number of roots and mean length of the three largest roots Table 1.

The application of IBA increased the number of roots per cutting collected from year-old stock plants in the spring concentrations of and mg L -1 and summer concentrations of and mg L Global Science and Technology4: The experiments were carried out in a completely randomized design, with 2x5x4 factorial arrangement 2 ages of stock plants, 5 IBA concentrations and 4 seasons of the yearwith 4 replications of 20 cuttings per experimental unit.

HA are a renewable natural resource which can be extracted from different urban wastes such as garbage and sewage sludge Canellas et al.

Indole-3-butyric acid

In this study we established the concentrations of indole-butyric acid IBA and humic acids HA that promoted growth and adventitious rooting of cuttings of the Brazilian red-cloak and sanchezia, aiming at speeding up and improving the efficiency of vegetative propagation in these species. Introduction to plant physiology. Acta Scientiarum Agronomy Effect of auxin treatments, cuttings collection date and initial characteristics on Paeonia ‘Yang Fei Chu Yu’ cutting propagation.

Adventitious rooting in cuttings of croton and hibiscus in response to indolbutyric acid and humic acid. Revista Brasileira de Plantas Acidp. Other names 1 H -indolebutanoic acid indolebutyric acid 3-indolebutyric acid indolebutyric acid IBA.