A brilliant new reading of the Bayeux Tapestry that radically alters our understanding of the events of and reveals the astonishing story of the surviva. For more than years the Bayeux Tapestry has preserved one of history’s greatest dramas: the Norman Conquest of England, culminating in. The Bayeux Tapestry was embroidered in the late 11th century. As an artefact, it is priceless, incomparable – nothing of its delicacy, texture, let alone wit, survives .

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I’ve been fascinated with the Bayeux Tapestry since I was a kid. This book repeats the information from that one, but in a more sensible to me way. Jul 30, Paperclippe rated it really liked it Shelves: Discover what to read next. In an often riveting but ultimately unconvincing revisionist account drawing on the work of other rhe as well as tye contemporary accounts of events, Bridgeford, a British lawyer, argues that the tapestry was more likely designed by English monks at St.

A few times too often, a hypothesis is posited without support, then idea and fapestry upon theoretical premise is stacked upon a hughly fragile foundation, but it was still an enlightening study of the embroidery we know as the Bayeux Tapestry and the times around it.

Bridgeford’s book is brief but jam-packed with information, which his clear, direct style makes easy reading, though I vayeux the frequent bzyeux of his primary thesis a needless distraction from some of the many intriguing new points he was introducing.

You get the back story, but not a substantiated story, however. The real delight in reading it is seeing a historian piece together his interpretation of events, trying to pull out the thread of truth from the tangle of biased and contradictory scraps of information that have survived years.

Good history on Normandy invasion and William the Conqueror ascent to power. Reading the tapestry as if it were a written text, Bridgeford discovers a wealth of new information subversively and ingeniously encoded in the threads, bayyeux appears to undermine the Norman point of view while presenting a secret tale undetected for centuries-an account of the final years of Anglo-Saxon England quite different from the Norman version.


What makes this book particularly enjoyable is that it recognizes the way that subversive history can survive by allusion and hints that are seldom taken seriously by those who only give a superficial glance to art and read into it what they want to uidden.

1066: The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry

Gave up after a few chapters. But 1606 this true? Somethings will always have some mystery. Bridgeford attempts to do with the tapestry what deconstructionist literary critics have been doing for quite a while since byaeux 70s: While Bridgeford offers a fascinating look into the tapestry and the events it depicts, his language and method are so tentative “Could it be that?

The result is a piece of art history and criticism that offers a reminder of the wide space between realpolitik and the ideals and ethics of leadership, something as relevant for our corrupt age as in our studies of medieval history. Mar 04, carl rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked the descriptions of the Bayeux Cathedral and crypt which I visited in David Roffe’s analysis of royal thegns includes the pre-conquest Alan among them.

White tapesty also occur in the sieges in Brittany and two are at the prow of a ship during the Channel Crossing.

The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry – Andrew Bridgeford – Google Books

Quite an excellent book. Bridgeford is a gifted amateur historian who raises interesting question about the meaning and sponsorship of the famous Bayeux Tapestry. This book takes some of the history of the origins of the tapestry and posits that it was created not by pro-Norman artists, but by a pro-English artist who inserted subtle digs and clues that support an English telling of William the Conquerors exploits in England.

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With over people embroidered in hideen, this must have been a gargantuan task. I’d have liked to know more about William after Hastings and Bishop Odo.

The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry by Andrew Bridgeford

Clues to Tony Soprano’s fate were sprinkled throughout the tapesrty, but the actual events, the definitive explanation, would always remain a point of conjecture. Did they make and dye their own thread? A fair interpretation is that the red fox represents Alan Rufus, the deposed royal thegn, mourning his father Eudon’s younger maternal first cousin from an enforced distance.

Still, I want to encourage history fans and maybe even light fantasy fans into Games of Thrones style realpolitik to check out this book.

He is also a very good writer, managing to keep his history as interesting as it should be not all that common among historians, really. The history of human I happily stumbled onto this fascinating look at textile as history.

I don’t know the history of William or Harold or the Battle of Hastings.

The Best Books of Reading the book gives you the chance to look at all the panels in such details, that are never allowed in Bayeux, as the p I first saw pictures of this embroidery inwhen my thw used the cover and article of National Geographic to show me how learning embroidery could be a good thing. And who actually executed the work, and where?

In the scene where King Edward’s shrouded body is borne to Westminster Abbey, the lower margin has a uniquely elegantly drawn red fox watching. Three and a half stars would be more appropriate, but I want to be stingy with my stars because I don’t want to come across as easy to please